Our core team came from the defense industry where we all worked on a group of projects including flight simulation, image processing, large databases, remote sensing operations, spacecraft design and test.  We emerged in 1998 with a passion for creating solutions for the toughest problems that the aviation industry has to offer.


Our culture is infectious.  We have an entrepreneurial spirit fused with a passion for excellence.  The secret of our success is that we use small teams of bright, experienced and motivated people to solve our clients problems.  By using only high caliber people and keeping the team size small we are able to deliver high quality production ready systems at a rapid-prototyping pace. 


InfoFUSION is a trusted provider of professional software services.  This is backed up by more than 50 customers and 170 different projects that have been completed on-time, on-budget, to satisfied customers.  Our commitment to you is this - InfoFUSION will ensure that your project will succeed - that is the promise that we make and keep time and time again as we work with you to provide value to your customers.