InfoFUSION staff have been active in aerospace software development even before InfoFUSION was founded. Most of us come from DoD and aerospace backgrounds. We have worked on systems for satellite command and control; satellite imagery collection, geo-rectification, enhancement and distribution; encoding and decoding of communication data; including quality control and assurance for these systems.


InfoFUSION has deep and lengthy experience in the collection, processing and distribution of aviation data for more than 20 years.  We have worked on systems for mission planning, flight planning, airborne video and imagery collection and the processing of this data, crew scheduling, weather data processing, flight plan filing, generation of data for onboard computers, transformation of airspace boundaries, obstacle determination and quality control and assurance for all of the above.

Geospatial Services

InfoFUSION has had a core competency in the processing of geospatial data from the beginning.  We are adept at converting location data from one coordinate reference system to another, properly storing the position information in a spatially-enabled database, and processing that data in a variety of complex ways, including graphical portrayal in a variety of projections.


Financial companies (investment firms, insurance companies, etc.) have to deal with large amounts of data, tight security and the secure distribution of information to share holders, investors, and policy holders on a periodic basis.  InfoFUSION's expertise with the technologies that support these capabilities has allowed us to support the needs of these companies.  We continue to bring the current state of the art technologies to this sector.


Hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers continue to utilize the latest technologies for systems and software development in order to create and maintain the systems that improve patient health, reduce operating costs, increase quality and security.  InfoFUSION has performed studies and analyses to update and improve doctor performance tracking, increase security and software version management for medical equipment embedded software, tracking of hazardous waste permits, etc.