LucidTrack - Mobile AVL

Know where your equipment is AND what it's doing.  LucidTrack is a vehicle tracking system that provides an in-vehicle component (LucidScout) as well as a centralized fleet management service (LucidCommand).


Control Costs

LucidTrack provides fuel monitoring to ensure proper use of fleet fuel.  It tacks and reports excessive idling and integrates with fleet fuel systems to compare vehicle fuel usage to fuel purchases. 


Do the job - Safely

LucidScout can be integrated with the vehicle in about 10 minutes.  Once installed no training is requred.  The system provides a simple interface to the user to indicate vehicle state and to respond to supervisor messaging.



LucidTrack requires no captial expense.  There is no hardware to purchase or infrastrcuture to install.  The LuidTrack model is a subscription-based model with a simple monthly invoice for the installed services.  LucidTrack is designed as a multi-tiered pricing approach so you subscribe to only the services that you need.  

LucidScout - Mobile AVL

LucidScout is the in-vehicle component of the LucidTrack system. LucidScout is based off of mobile tablet technology and provides the user with a simple user interface.  LucidScout collects vehicle data and forwards it to the LucidCommandsystem while the vehicle operates - providing you with real-time vehcile location, monitoring and communication capability.  


LucidScout is leased on a per-vehcile basis and is quick and easy to install or un-install.  A trained technician can typically have a LucidScout installation completed on a vehicle within 10 minutes.


There are no installatoin charges, setup fees, or maintenance fees with LucidScout becasue the hardware is included in the monthly lease costs for the system.  If you have any trouble with your installation we will replace the hardware as part fo the normal service costs.

LucidCommand is a cloud-based console that provides you with access to all of your vehicle data and status.  It integrates with all of the LucidScout equiped vehicles in your fleet.  Through a sinngle web-page you can find all of your vehicles and know what they are doing.  


LucidCommnad provides a vehicle dashboard that provides you with intstant access to all of the vehciles in your fleet, providing you with real-time location and operating condition information.  With LucidCommand you will no longer wonder - what is my vehicle doing or where is it. 


LucidCommand provides a map-interface with both a real-time and historical view of the vehcile behavior.  By browsing the map it is possbile to have the situational awareness of what the fleet is doing in an instance.  Through the map interface it is possible to message individual vehciles to communicate critical information to them.  


LucidCommand also has a fuel monitoring and reporting facility by integrating with WEX so that it is possible to compare vehicle fuel consumption with fleet fuel purchases.  This allows you to better manage your fleet fuel consumption in order to reduce your bottom line!

LucidCommand - Mobile AVL

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