Hello World...?

It occurred to us the other day that InfoFUSION has been tenacious (or dimwitted) enough to have persisted in this endeavor since July 1998. In retrospect, there have been ups and downs, like every organization. However I am happy to say that there have been more ups than downs. Given our duration and breadth of experience, there just might be some gems of knowledge (or perhaps wisdom?) that we could offer to anyone who might listen in order to save them the discomfort of having to learn the lessons “the hard way”.

InfoFUSION has been a software professional services company from the start. The entire staff likes (even enjoys) designing and building systems that work. Our customers have liked what we provide, and we thank them for the opportunities they provide.

This does not mean that we have never made blunders. Quite the contrary. It isn't important that we go into detail about those problems, but the lessons offered by these experiences are valuable. Our organization has learned from them and we usually do better after one of these events and try to avoid repeating the same mistake.

This is precisely why this blog is here: to share the lessons, perhaps help someone else avoid making the same mistakes, and reinforce the lessons amongst ourselves. I hope you appreciate the content and remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, at least make it funny...

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