How to manage a pile of...Books!

How do you master the art of transforming a pile of books into a library? At the heart of InfoFUSION's DNA is the ability to dive into a chaotic situation, to listen for the problem and then to create the software system that brings order out of chaos. The work that we performed for a gold mining client typifies this type of engagement.

When we first met, they knew that they had a pile of books - in their case reports and exploration data - but they needed to be able to share, search and access the pile. Newmont turned to InfoFUSION, first to listen and then to create the solution that allowed the pile of books to be transformed into a library.

We created a library from a distributed network of SharePoint servers, deployed at each of the clients exploration sites. Each server managed the exploration documents for the site and shared its content with the other servers allowing the entire collection to be shareable and searchable across the enterprise.

In essence - we created a distributed library that allows the client to have access to all of their data.

The key to this type of engagement is to start by listening to the customer to discern the value of solving their problem. Many technology projects go astray because the technical team does not take the time to understand the dynamics of the problem and the value of the solution. Once these two elements are understood, marrying them to a solution is a fairly straight-forward process and the development cycle can be managed successfully.

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