Building the Future

InfoFUSION's expertise in custom software solution development has led us to build several Off-The-Shelf (OTS) platforms focused on solving data conversion, data management, data consumption and data visualization. Our platforms provide highly customizable and flexible solution starting points designed to address customer needs within a customer's current enterprise IT infrastructure.  

OTS - DocRocket

DocRocket enables hyperlinking of off page connectors present in PDF formatted documents.  Using DocRocket the inherent utility of off page connectors in construction and manufacturing drawings in PDF format are realized.  The DocRocket PDF document enhancement service improves the navigation of your document sets.

OTS - LucidTrack

LucidTrack - a mobile AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) solution platform that is designed as a starting point to implement a final AVL solution.  LucidTrack consists of an android mobile component (phone or tablet), an AWS server backend and a browser based user and admin capability.  It supports the collection, transmission and reporting of where your equipment is and what it is doing.