Technology Adviser

InfoFUSION has assisted many customers in evaluating their systems and providing recommendations how they can best be improved or augmented to solve the problems they confront.  This can include requirements gathering and analysis, overall system architecture assessment and evaluation, system performance assessment, efficiency and correctness of algorithms employed, database schema evaluation and improvements, redesign of process flows, which can then be extended to the design and construction of replacement systems.

As a business and technology professional consulting firm, we are an independent evaluator of a client's system we bring a unique unbiased perspective to the assessment.  We don't have any preconceived notions or any political agenda to fight for in the evaluation.  We are only concerned with the best technical approach for a solution.  This often allows us to more quickly get to the heart of the problem(s) with an existing solution and propose viable options for the client team to choose from.

Example - Project Review

An aviation customer had a major software development effort that was overbudget and behind schedule.  They needed help in assessing if the project could be concluded successfully with the current direction or was drastically off-course.  A very senior InfoFUSION technical team was brought in to evaluate the current architecture, software design and development effort and make a set of recommendations.  Our team spent a month interviewing key personnel, evaluating the proposed design, requirements, system architecture, software processes, etc. and then produced a report with recommendations to the program leadership.  Unfortunately, they were off course and needed to re-design large portions of the system.  This was costly but if the project had gone on longer it would have failed entirely. 

Example - System Eval

A large hospital group that has served Denver for many years asked InfoFUSION to perform an evaluation of a system that tracks doctor performance. This system was originally built 15 years ago and had been modified and extended well beyond the original intended purpose.  

A small InfoFUSION (2 senior staff) examined the exisitng medical quality database system and produced a report with recommendations on the direction that the organization should take to evolve their quality database systems to address the needs of the 11 hospitals for the next decade.

Example - Performance Study

Server Installation

InfoFUSION was asked to execute a performance study by one of our existing customers we were supporting with a software development project.  This customer collects and sells remote sensed imagery.  The sales system intended to be used by customers recorded imagery orders via a web site and collected payment for the order.  This order information was then provided to the image collection tasking system where the requested image(s) were prioritized and scheduled for collection.  InfoFUSION analysts discovered during this evaluation that the systems didn't guard against orders being created that would essentially over task the collection system(s) and cause the tasking system to overload and compromise the overall system production.  This issue was easily and quickly remedied and avoided a major problem.